Baldwin Boys High School

Baldwin Boys High School


Welcome to Baldwin Boys’ High School…

Religious administrator Subodh C. Mondal is the Chairman of our Institution, who heads the South India Regional Conference of the Methodist Church in India. He is focused on greatness in chapel life and additionally in the field of Education. Instruction today is a mind-boggling errand, which is made more troublesome by quick social, monetary, and social changes. Its particular mission remains the vital arrangement of the empathetic individual is the impression of our Chairman. He trusts that instructors are people called by God to a service of training who exhibit their die-hard devotion with all reality of reason, legit in character and happy in benefit.

Our Chairman trusts that the goal of greatness and quality prompts ages who have exclusive requirements of how they utilize their chance, vitality, and responsibility. His dynamic musings have helped the Institution to update the instructive base with a more extensive range of foundations, influencing the figuring out how to process more deliberate and life situated.

Under the dynamic and conferred Chairmanship of our Bishop Subodh C. Mondal, the school will keep on achieving its target of setting out a strong establishment so as to turn out knowledgeable and trained natives who will assume noticeable parts in the financial, social and political improvement of our country. Our Bishop’s vision, mission, and center esteems are our reference points.